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  • Belly Bone In Skin On
Belly Bone In Skin On
  • Belly Bone In Skin On
  • Belly Bone In Skin On

Belly Bone In Skin On

В наличии
Бренд:Pini Polonia
Страна производитель:Польша
Basic Quality Parameters
•Bellywillbecut5cmbelowendofthepectoralmuscle No dry material
•Withskin No discoloration
•Standardbaconmeasurementsaftercuttingoffgroins No loose or separated parts of meat
•Maximumthicknessofthebaconinthethickestpartmaximum7cm All glands will be removed
•Thebaconwillbe70VL No bristles and smudges of dirt
•Allresidualbloodwillberemoved Muscle - straight cut
•No deep knifecuts All the veterinary seals will be preserved (will remain where they are placed)
Microbiological conditions
In accordance with the binding Order of the EC Commission (No. 1441/2007 of 5th December, 2007 (EC) No. 2073/2005 concerning microbiological
criteria concerning food products.
Consumer's use
For all the consumers Consume after heat treatment
LOOSE - E2 container inlaid with a foil bag, jumbo cartoon inlaid with a foil bag
VACUUM - E2 cartoon, container, jumbo cartoon
MAP - cartoon, E2 container
Form and mass of packaging is subject to the consumer's requirements
Instructions concerning labelling
All the products are tagged with labels containing the following data: In the bar code:
the first part of the digits informs
Producer: PINI POLONIA Sp. z o.o. about the date of manufacture ul. Wschodnia 21 99- 300 Kutno, the next six digits inform about Poland the hour, minutes and seconds of
Name of the product production of the product
Store in temperature the next five digits inform about
Ready for use after heat treatment the internal number of the product
Expiry date: Best before the next five digits inform about
Net weight, gross weight, the weight of the product
Lot No. expiry date
Date of production number of the packing machine
Twenty seven digit bar code
Number of the lot of the product allows us identify the collective lot and the date of the slaughter.
Conditions of storing, transportation and expiry date
Cooled: Frozen:
0°C - +4°C below - 18 °C
LOOSE - 5 days 24 months
VACUUM - 12 days
MAP - 10 days
Storage period and temperature conditions are confirmed by storage tests.

Бренд: Pini Polonia
Страна производитель: Польша
Часть туши: свиной живот
Тип мяса: Замороженное
Форма поставки: Фасованное
Информация актуальна: 15.01.2018


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